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ADGSD Workshop Speakers

Saturday, April 27, 2019



DISC Master

Are you struggling to communicate with certain people? Imagine how it would feel if your entire workplace could communicate effectively across all departments? 

During this training you'll receive tips related to working with people of all styles and emerge with a clearer understanding or yourself, your co-workers and others.



Drum Circle

Drums provide the basic rhythm to most of the music created and listened to in the world. Learn how drum circle promote safe, stress free and entertaining environment to empower your residents.

mniding motion.jpg


Minding Motion

In helping participants (re)gain their sense of independence and self-worth. In doing so, we help make aging graceful.

In instilling sociability, empowerment and self-esteem through dance, music and creative physical and mental activities. In doing so, we alter how the participants view themselves, their condition and environment.

In guiding participants to achieve their maximum human potential. In doing so, we help alleviate the symptoms of medical conditions by increasing cognitive function, range of motion, balance, and strength to liberate participants.



Laughing Yoga

Within the first ten minutes of participation in a Laughter Yoga Session, participants will experience a change affecting their mind, body and spirit. Active participants have experienced lower blood pressure, less tension, more focus, increased energy and joy. All thanks to the increase of endorphins and more oxygen flowing within the body's system. Kira will educate and share with us the history and research on how SIMULATED laughter quickly turns into genuine laughter without the use of jokes, comedy and humor. AND we will get to experience a Laughter Yoga Class.

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