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ADGSD / Activity Directors of Greater San Diego

The mission of ADGSD is to provide you with resources, networking and educational opportunities as well as social connections for you and the seniors that you serve. We hope to see you all at our future events. Your participation and networking are key contributors to your success as an Activity Director.

Activity Directors of Greater San Diego (ADGSD) at the Activity Professional Awards Luncheon and celebrating NAPW at Town San Diego 2023.

We also sponsor several networking / social events for you to meet other professionals and share ideas and challenges. As an Activity Director who has been in this profession for almost 30 years, I can’t stress enough how valuable and vital these face-to-face connections have been to my growth and success.

In our growth as an organization, you can find us on our social media platforms where you'll find photos, postings of our upcoming events and job opportunities. Please follow and like us on all our social media, click on the social media icons at the bottom of this page. This will help reach more activity professionals. We also have this website that posts all our upcoming happenings. Our goal is that we can share experiences, share ideas, post activity resources and discover new job opportunities.

Below are the names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of our current board members. Please don’t hesitate to contact any one of us with your questions and ideas. Our Board meetings are always open to our members, and we encourage you to attend and share your

thoughts with us. We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at various communities. Please check in for updates. Meeting locations may change with short notice.

We’d love to have you join us as a guest or new Board Member!

Trixie Prince

ADGSD President



ADGSD President:

Trixie Prince |


Vice President:

Minnie Groel |


Treasurer / Entertainers Showcase Co-Chair

Lynn Lazzara |



Marissa Jacobson-Ojinaga |

(480) 215-5707


Mara Carney |


PR & Social Media:

Rhonda Hernandez |


Past President:

Mara Carney |


Entertainers Showcase Chair:

Stephanie Ramos |


SDHCA Ambassador:

Joan Flannigan |



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