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And the $500 Entertainment Prize goes to...

What a wonderful way to give back to our member's communities.


ERIN CLEMENS, Activity Director at Vista Gardens is the winner of the $500 Entertainment Raffle drawing at the Activity Professionals Luncheon last Friday, April 22, 2022, hosted by ADGSD at the Old Town Fiesta de Reyes, Barra Barra Saloon Restaurant.

$500 will go to any entertainment/vendor of her choice! Wow! What an amazing prize! This can fund an ice cream social, a live band, luau dancers, a happy hour entertainer, and more!

How lucky is she? Erin is a new member of ADGSD!

L-R: Lynn Lazzara, ADGSD Treasurer, Erin Clemens, Vista Gardens Activity Director, & Mara Carney, ADGSD Past President, recent Retiree, predecessor Vista Gardens Activity Director.

Please go to ADGSD Facebook page and check out photos and Live videos from the Activity Professionals Luncheon last Friday! Contact us if you have any questions, become a member, sign up to our mailing list, check in on our website for updates so you don't miss out on any of our 2022 upcoming events! Follow us, Like us, Tag, Connect with us on our social media. Don't forget to Share! We hope to see you at one of our next upcoming events!


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