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Arrange A Miniature Pony Visit For Your Community

Attention: Activity Professionals, Nurses & Administrators

Thank you, Trixie Prince, Vibrant Life Director at Las Villas Del Norte for sharing the following activity for your community.

Amazing Mini Miracles visited Trixie's facility twice, once for Memory Care and another for their Main building. Click on the following link and check out the photos, it will melt your heart at


Arrange a Mini pony visit for your facilities with Donna.


Donations would be greatly accepted!

Donna is willing to spend 45 mins. At your facilities, will do window walks right now or even take the ponies inside for the residents to pet and interact with.

Amazing Mini Miracles ( miniature ponies)

Contact Donna at 858-7765-5192

Thank you for your continued dedication,


Trixie Prince, ADC

Vibrant Life Director

Mobile: 760.390.1148


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