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Earn 1.0 CEU at The Membership General Meeting

There are topics we will discuss at the membership general meeting which includes: How and why you should consider becoming a board-certified activity professional. "How to build a person-centered monthly event calendar which includes all required regulatory categories and based on the residents' activity assessment questionnaire." You will receive a 1.0 CEU on this educational session with Trixie Prince, ADC (Bring your activity calendar to the general meeting, this will be a hands-on session).

Activity resources: Where to find activity ideas, games, crafts to finding vendors and themed entertainers for your monthly holiday event. ADGSD member expectation: We will discuss the benefits of being a member! How you can get involved and volunteer, join a committee, attend workshops, join fun days with your associates, networking events, receive CEU's at ADGSD educational sessions, etc.

Members are the first to be informed of Activity position opportunities before we post it publicly on our social media platforms!

ADGSD is here to provide support and resources to our members, Activity Directors, Activity Coordinators, Activity Assistants, etc.

Attendees will receive 25 Raffle Tickets towards the $500 Entertainment Raffle Drawing at the Activity Professional Luncheon on April 22, 2022.


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