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Fun Virtual Concert for Your Community

LaDon Jones and Barbara Linett have been working on a new, really fun Virtual Concert.  Here is a link to a short preview of the concert:

Our virtual concert is a little different in a way that we think will benefit you and your residents:

•  Concert access via link to be used anytime, on demand, and as often as you like for 3 weeks.

•  All that is needed is a broadband internet connection.  Just click the link and the concert


•  Can be viewed in accordance with the social distancing needs of your facility.  

•  Content personalized to your facility.

•  High quality audio and video

All this for $100 per concert

We are confident your residents will be entertained.  We back this with a Money Back Guarantee!  

To order a Virtual Concert, reply to this email, give us any special requests and we will get your concert ready.

Thank you and please stay safe!

La Don Jones and Barbara Linett

Co-founders, Mocha Tones 

(901) 584-7816


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