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Letter From The Board

If your community has lost a staff member due to COVID-19...

Dear friends and colleagues,

The mission of ADGSD is to support our members with educational and networking resources and to provide a forum to assist professionally with feedback, ideas and compassion. We are aware of the financial and emotional toll the COVID-19 pandemic has taken on us professionally and personally.

With all our members in mind, the Board of ADGSD has recently adopted two new proposals:

1. All annual memberships will be extended for 6 months. This means if your membership expires in September 2020, your next dues would be paid in March 2021. We hope this lessens any financial burdens your families may be experiencing at this time.

2. We will be creating a Memorial section on our Facebook page: Activity Directors of Greater San Diego and website: to honor and pay tribute to any of our professional colleagues who have passed away, whether from COVID-19 or other cause. If you have recently lost any team-members, or vendors that support your programs please send a short write-up about them to our webmaster, Rhonda at:

If your community has lost a staff member due to COVID-19, ADGSD would like to plant a rosebush in their name at your community. Please share that with our President, Trixie at:

On our website, you will also find resources and programs that you can use for your residents in their rooms and physical /social distance situations. Please send any additional resources and activity ideas that you have found helpful to: and we will review for posting as well.

Regretfully, we are saddened to say that our Spring Workshop, Fun Day, Summer Community Picnic and Yard sale have all been postponed for now. We are hoping that by September or October, we can host our Annual Entertainment Gala. Please support your vendors that are also struggling at this time.

Many are providing on-line programming for you and your residents to access. Please stay safe and well. We miss you all and pray that we’ll see each other soon!

ADGSD Board Members Trixie Prince, President Mara Carney, Past President Minnie Groel, Vice President Rachel Robinson, Membership Lynn Lazzara, Treasurer Rhonda Hernandez, Public Relations Rubi Weaver, Secretary Joan Flannigan, SDHCA Ambassador


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