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Remember Your Volunteers

Hello Everyone,

I know you are all extremely busy keeping our residents safe, healthy, fed and engaged, so I thought I would send this reminder.  Please remember your volunteers this week with special messages of thanks.  The OneDay app is a great way to say thank you, you can record your team and resident’s messages of thanks and gratitude and email to your volunteers.

Here is a link for you to review.

Even though we cannot have our volunteers assisting us in the communities right now we can continue to keep them engaged.  If you do not have a list of volunteers this is a great week to recruit. 

Are you utilizing your volunteers during this time period?  If so, please share how.  If not, here are a few ways to utilize volunteers during this time:

  1. Ask them to call/facetime/zoom/skype with residents.  What a great way to build relationships and to keep a resident engaged.

  2. Ask them to assist in forming car parades.  Everyone knows someone who is looking for something to do. 

  3. Ask them to assist in coordinating local families that may want to play tic tac toe with residents on their windows/dining room window or create chalk art for residents to view on our sidewalks/drive.

your volunteers may even have a suggestion of how they would like to be involved during this time. 

Trixie Prince

ADGSD President


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