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Hosted by ADGSD

You are Invited to attend our Activity Professional Luncheon at the Barra Barra Saloon in Old Town. Friday, April 22, 2022. "Where delightful seafood dishes to loaded flatbread, tacos, and best Margarita in San Diego..."

Come join us and don't forget to Invite your Administrator, Executive Director, Resident Council President and Activity Staff.

We will be drawing the $500.00 Entertainment package offered by ADGSD. Members who have collected raffle tickets from last year's events, workshop, general meeting, etc. please bring them to the luncheon for the drawing. Luncheon guests will also receive raffle tickets for a chance to win.

There will be Door Prizes!

ADGSD members, Look out for your invitation flyer and registration in the mail. Please RSVP by filling out and return the registration form with your payment there is still time!

We look forward to having a good time, sharing delicious food, refreshing drinks and getting to know you!

"As an Activity Professional, you are part of a vitally important profession that helps people live a life that is full of fun and meaningful activities. The holistic and person-directed approach to caring for our elders you provide is a sight to behold. You are the heart and spirit of your facilities. We encourage you to take a minute to acknowledge the great work you do and give yourself and your staff the credit deserved! Now as never before, attention is being directed concerning care of our elder and disabled citizens and greater attention also is directed to those who provide hands-on-care. National Activity Professionals Week (NAPW) provides a timely opportunity to foster and showcase the wonderful things that Activity Professionals create. NAP Week was January 23-29, 2022. The NAPW theme and the theme of the Annual NAAP Conference is “Navigating the Future”. ~NAAP


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